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    * To be a sure foundation partner to each nongovernmental organization that struggles arduous to search out solutions to bring fund flow in running the establishment through effective implementation of technology and in a position contribution of volunteers.
    * To remain because the model foundation that has non-monetary services by partaking technology and repair.

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    * Food, Education and Health look after each underneath privileged kid for his or her comprehensive Growth.
    * In birth each person is equal in dignity and rights and must be treated an equivalent manner ever. due to the human Rights established sixty years agone, Supporting for the cause across the world.
    * Despite our robust support to human Rights and developing economy. It’s obvious in Asian country that children’s aren't equal with food, Education and Health care.

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    Spark Foundation is together with alternative NGOs and organizations in conducting workshops for each peoples, and giving skills.

Help for Helpless

    Knowledge Sharing Program
  • •The Spark Foundation - cluster shaped with deprived kids.
  • • Camps and workshops on life skills, arts and education.
  • • Fund-raising programmes.

We Are In A Mission To Help The Helpless

About our foundation

We Are In A Mission To Help Helpless

Nice pleasure to introduce to you the Spark Foundation academic and trust. we have a tendency to ar a bunch of friends whose ideal in life is to assist wherever we will, however we will and whenever we will. This assistance is focussed towards the poor among our society and endeavours to motivate a modification in their life - a "SPARK".

This is a organisation pass by volunteers ar sincere and well established professionals and have an interest to ascertain that each little bit of donations reach the poverty-stricken and sensible students, while not that, they'd have perished within the darkness of the Social chasm.

About US

Lets Change The World With Humanity

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"It is not the trouble of only 1 single person who counts at SPARK FOUNDATION. it's a gaggle effort by volunteer, donors and also the SPARK FOUNDATION. it's unattainable for anyone to try and do something in isolation. Together, we are able to modification the globe".